Thursday, September 2, 2010

Only 4 Months this time!

Does anyone even READ this blog? Do you bother ever checking in? Did you take me off your reader cause there's never anything new anyway? I wouldn't blame you if you did! Those of you who know me likely follow me on Facebook anyway!

If ya don't know me run! Now! LOL! I'm just kidding! :)

So it's September 1st. Another summer over and I'm not really sure what I did all summer! I spent the majority of it sewing and preparing for the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational in Binghamton, NY. We visited an alpaca farm while there. They are such interesting creatures. We got right in the pen with the mommas and their babies.

The show itself was a lot of fun. It's always great to see my collectors!!

Now I'm working on plans for the Chicagoland Show which I put on in October. Lots of great things will be happening and the artist line up is amazing and new names are being added daily! You can check out the exhibitor list on the website if you're interested.

I'm also working on putting together an online teddy bear show that will take place in November. Oh, and I'm headed to Maryland in November to do a bear show in Hunt Valley too. I'll also be spending a few days with my very good friend Chrissi and her son, my "nephew" Ben. :)

So, you know I'm alive, where I've been and where I'll be until a few more months pass and you hear from me again! LOL!

I hope you are well and have great plans for fall... or spring... depending upon where on earth you live! And if you're ever on Facebook look me up! You can find me under Back Road Bears or by my name!