Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feelin' Springy!

As the last big piles of snow melt away the bears are coming out to play! And not just any ol' bears... spring bears in their beautiful spring colors!! Let me introduce you to Christian and Rosalie!



Both of these bears are 17 inches tall and made of super soft kid mohair! They are both hoping to find new homes so they can celebrate Spring with their new families! They are available for immediate adoption on my website.

I've also listed a 13 inch bunny for adoption. His name is "Cotton Candy" and I think you'll see why! Won't you stop by and visit him on my website? I'm working on some new little bunnies which I'll have ready for adoption in the next couple of days, too.

Then I must get to work on a special purple bear for a collector in Singapore. I've hand-dyed some long pile, dense, Schulte kid mohair in the most delicious shade of purple. In fact, that's what I've used as the background here on my blog! I can't wait to see a bear all made up from it!!! I think I'll have enough left over to do a little bear, too!

I just LOVE the colors of spring!!