Monday, September 28, 2009

Pickity Place

My neighbor and friend, Mary took me out to lunch today. But this wasn't just any old lunch... it was a very special afternoon filled with sights and smells to please the senses and delicious flavors to awake the tastebuds! It was the perfect day for an early autumn adventure to Pickity Place in Mason, NH.

The sprawling gardens surrounding the antique cape with weathered shakes offered the remains of flowering perennials and herbs, giving one last show before going to bed for the winter months. Nestled on the edge of the gardens was the Drying Shed whose name says it all!

After touring the garden and gift shops... filled with lots of delicious spices, seasonings, mixes, teas and more... we sat down to a delicious gourmet, 5 course lunch in the house's dining room.

First course was a delicious garden vegetable dip with crackers followed by Summer's End Soup full of vegetables and herbs. A pinwheel with mixed greens garden salad came next with Sunflower Nut Bread. For the main course I had a vegetable crepe with a creamy herb sauce that was absolutely heavenly.

Dessert was strawberry rhubarb pie! (OK, I passed on that one but I did bring it home for hubby!) Everything was asbsolutely delicious and coming from me that says a lot as I'm not a vegetable lover and would typically eat a PB&J sandwich for lunch! I just may be a changed woman now!

It was a beautiful day with great company and fantastic food! I can't wait to bring mom there! I know she'll love it!

Thank you for a lovely day, Mary!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm still here!

Actually, I'm here, there and every where! The end of summer means the beginning of "show season" when you are an artist. And it means the height of advertising, organizing and planning when you are a show promoter with one of the country's largest all-teddy-bear shows scheduled just weeks away.

So, how do I make lots of bears (and actually, my studio seems to be taken over by a herd of elephants at the moment... well, 4 anyway.... does that qualify as a "herd"?) and also do all the work that's involved to put on a top notch, not-to-be-missed teddy bear show of nearly 50 international artists complete with workshop, buffet and silent auction? Well, when I get that figured out I'll let you know! LOL!!

"THE SHOW"... The Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show is October 24th. I will then be exhibiting at the bear show in Hunt Valley, MD the following weekend. That's a lot of bears that have to be made! Then I'll be doing a 2 day craft show in Concord, NH on Nov. 20 & 21. It's a new show so I have no idea what to expect but I'm going in hopes of doing a lot of business which means a lot of inventory! I'm looking forward to this show though because I can make other items besides just my mohair bears... and I have a lot of fun and affordable ideas... now to find time to bring them to fruition!!!

Now you know why I haven't been around. I'll try to pop in to show you some of the critters I'm making for the shows!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Chicagoland show be sure to visit our website! It's Schaumburg, IL's newest and largest teddy bear show with an amazing line up of artists! The list is on the site! Reservations for the Harvest Buffet & Silent Auction to benefit Good Bears of the World will be accepted through Oct. 1..... you could even get a FREE SOUVENIR BEAR (one of the other things I've been working on before sending them to Laura to be finished) just for joining in the festivities!! Download the registration from the website!

Be sure to support the arts.... attend a local arts and crafts show or find a teddy bear show.... don't let the art of exercising one's imagination and creative talents be left forgotten in this technology based era we live in!

Hug to all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Annies

I have finally finished, photographed and put up on my website the first 5 annie cloth dolls I've made! They are all available for immediate adoption.... well, three are... I just put them up about 3 hours ago and two have sold already! :)

You can meet them all here on my website!!

I've already created a bigger and much different, more traditional cloth doll but she needs some tweeking before she's ready to be seen! In the meantime these little brightly colored annies will entertain you with their silly smiles and wild hair! I look forward to making more as I've found a wonderful source for some fun Japanese fabric!!!

Thanks for taking a peek at the annies!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show Review

The Maine Teddy Bear Show happened last weekend and was a mix of fun, education and a little disappointment. With our economy the way it is everyone is feeling the pinch on spending and bear artists are no exception. But that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time together! The work the artists brought was absolutely amazing! The collectors were in awe and thrilled to be a part of the excitement!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

You are invited...

I'm busy getting ready for the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show as I'm both producing and exhibiting in the show! Phew!! I hope to post a preview of the bears and annies I'll have available for adoption! In the meantime, if you fancy a trip to the Maine Coast be sure to visit the show!! Here's a coupon you can "click and print" or visit the show's WEBSITE where you'll find a complete list of exhibitors (you'll be impressed if you are a collector of artist bears!!), see a sneak peek of special bears made just for the show and more!!
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Greatest Reward

In a phone interview today I was asked what I enjoyed most about producing teddy bear shows. Why, the end result of course! Here was my answer:

"The greatest reward in producing teddy bear and cloth doll shows is the joyful atmosphere that fills the venue on show day. Artists and collectors have the opportunity to share their passion, exchange hugs and laughter, catch up with old friends and create new ones. The sea of color, texture, shape and style creates a captivating scene. Our giddy inner child comes out as we gaze into the loving, knowing eyes of a bear or hold a doll with a sparkle in her eyes! Amazement, wonder, giggles and love fill the air and become contagious. Next to Disney World, I can’t think of a more magical and imaginative place to be than a teddy bear show!"

I hope that you will take the time to attend a teddy bear show this year, especially if you have never been to one! If dolls or quilts or crafts in general are more your cup of tea then by all means, seek out an arts and crafts show to your liking and go!!!

In a world that's become so focused on technology and gadgets I'm finding more and more people are yearning for a bit of the "old world".... human interaction, things made with love, talent and imagination by human hands. Sure, we can buy handmade items on the internet, most artists have websites in this day and age and Etsy is a fantastic place to find handmade items of all sorts! But there's something about being in a room full of other people with similar interests and being able to see and touch these works of art that can't be replaced by even the highest level of technology!

So, go, pick up the local paper, see what's happening in your corner of the world and treat your self! Grab a friend and a latte and GO!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Makin' Cotton Candy!

I've been busy in my lab creating fat free, sugar free Cotton Candy that's still yummy and can be enjoyed year round! I think it just might be a hit! (Wait, my "lab"? Er, reminds me of a high school science class I flunked!) Introducing the Cotton Candy Cubs!

These little guys are 7 inches tall and made of hand-dyed LouBear Mohair in the softest, yummiest colors of cotton candy. The backing on this mohair is black giving the color even more brightness and depth. I've been having so much fun with these colors! I can't wait to make the rest of the mohair into bears today!

The cubs'll have special little boxes to sit on... my next project once the bears are done! Seven Cotton Candy Cubs will make their debut at the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show on July 11 in Wells, Maine. Future siblings in this limited series will be available on my website through the end of August... just waiting for more mohair to arrive from South Africa! No two will be exactly the same in color or facial expression but they'll all be guilt free!

I must get back to my lab... er... studio but before I go I must ask....
which is your favorite color?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Look who I found!!

The sun finally came out today... haven't seen it for nearly 5 days! To celebrate my husband and I went to Peterborough, NH for lunch and to do a little shopping and antiquing. We ate at a wonderful outdoor cafe then poked around the shops. Lots of artsy shops! Very fun, relaxing afternoon. But we didn't find any treasures worth bringing home. I hate that!

We were nearly home when I suggested we stop at a little antique shop that's open just during the summer months. I wasn't filled with any expectation but not 60 seconds inside the barn Henry says "Hey, a teddy bear!" No way! Well, doubt it's anything special I thought to myself. I peeked around a chest to where he pointed and there, sitting at a child's desk and chair, facing the wall, surround by 'stuff' was an old fashioned looking bear made of mohair, wearing an old navy blue velvet coat. Its back was to me so I gently lifted it from its seat and thats when I saw the hang tag: "Chauncey" by Limerick Bear - Lynn Gatto! No way! One look at his face and there was no doubt he was an early bear by my dear friend!

My heart is now beating double time and I'm trying not to jump up and down and squeal like a little kid! There was no question but that "Chauncey", made by someone who is not only super talented but such a wonderful lady, was coming home with me! I couldn't wait to call Lynn (who lives less than two hours away from me) and tell her about my find and hopefully find out a little more about the bear. The tag told me his name and the fact his coat was vintage but no birth date. As soon as we got home I took a few photos of him. I've since pressed his collar and freshened him up a bit. He has some stains on his wool paw pads and one on the back of his lace collar but otherwise is in excellent condition. Of course I know he's not really 'vintage' but Lynn makes wonderful antique style bears! This one is no exception with a hump on it's back, the long limbs, etc. He's just wonderful!

I called and had a wonderful chat with Lynn. She thinks she made him in the mid 1990's. They will have a little reunion next month as I'll bring him to see her at the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show where we'll be exhibiting and more photos will be taken for sure!

As a bear artist it thrills me to death to see the collector in me get so excited over such a find and reminds me that even when I have lost my interest in making bears I must continue and that it'll be worth it as surely my work will have a similar impact on someone someday! That giddy girlish feeling..... there is nothing like it!

Welcome home, Chauncey! You are very special indeed!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Do you like teddy bears? Do you enjoy talking with people? Would you like to spend a fun filled day at an upscale teddy bear show greeting collectors, selling bears and more? Then please contact me about helping out!

What: Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show (website)
Where: Wells Beach, Maine USA
When: Sat. July 11th, 9:00am-3:00pm

You'll receive a free gas card and special gift for volunteering your time to help make this exciting show a great success! Contact me today!!! :o)

Email me at for more information!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Winner Is.....

The winner of my very first Blog Give Away is......



I've sent you an email requesting your mailing address so I can
get Sweet Jane on her way to you!

Thank you EVERYONE for entering this give away!!! I look forward to doing more give aways in the near future! I also appreciate your compliments on Sweet Jane and already have many sisters in the works! They'll make their debut at the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show in Wells, ME on July 11th. Then I'll have them available on my website! I'm having so much fun making them!!!
Love & Hugs,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog Give Away!

In an effort to MAKE myself get back to work (seems I've been goofing off in my gardens this spring, focusing on plans for the Maine Teddy Bear Show and just plain being lazy) I thought I'd host a blog give away. My very first here at the Back Road Bears studio!

I'm also taking this opportunity to introduce you to a new project I've been working on.... cloth annie dolls. I went with a sweet and simple design utilizing some of the really fun new and colorful fabrics in the local quilt shops! And by shear accident I happened to find the greatest yarn for doll hair! My annies have embroidered faces with painted eyes and freckles. At 9 inches tall these girls are small enough to be a great companion for a big teddy bear but not so small they'd go unnoticed!

Without further delay may I introduce to you "Sweet Jane"!

One lucky blog reader will win "Sweet Jane" on Sunday, May 31, 2009!

To enter: Simply join my email list by entering your email address in the box below. Then leave a comment to this blog post. (You must do both!) The winner will be selected at random on Sunday, May 31 at 5:00pm eastern and announced here. The winner will also receive a private email message.

Join My Mailing List


"Sweet Jane" will be shipped absolutely FREE to the winner and arrive carefully packaged with a signed and dated hang tag and extra goodies!

Sign up today for your chance to win "Sweet Jane" and be among the first to know about new bears and annies available, show updates, patterns and kits and more by joining my email list!

Good luck!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Give Away coming!!!

Shhh....... it's a surprise!

I'm going to host my very first Blog Give Away!

Wait 'til you see the cutie one lucky blog reader will win!

Announcement to come Tuesday, May 26th!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Few words, big impact!

"It's been about 2 months since I made a teddy bear."

There, I said it! A month and a half ago I was still making bunnies but once they were done I seemed to have shut the door to my mohair closet, never looking back. No, I'm not exactly happy about this! In fact, my disinterest in bear making concerns me. But I suppose, like any job, you get burned out after a while, need a change, even if temporary. Unlike a "real" job, I can indulge myself in change, if only for a little while!

I have been working on plans for the Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show and the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts show. The Maine show is in less than two months so local marketing plans are in full swing. Floor plan is almost complete, the show is sold out... it's all looking good! I am in need of helpers on show day though so if anyone would like to spend a day or even the weekend on the southern coast of Maine with us, surrounded by teddy bears and annies and all kinds of fun people, we'd love to have you! Just email me!

Despite all this "other" teddy bear related work, my fingers and imagination have been itching to CREATE! So, while cleaning out my studio one day I found sheets of washed wool felt. I don't recall what my original plan was for it all but decided to make some little doorknob pillows. They will be my contribution to the "Ornaments for Giving Tree" at the Maine show. Every artists hand-makes at least 3 ornaments (for any occasion - not just Christmas) to hang on the big white tree in the lobby. Collectors LOVE the ornaments, all priced at $25 or less! A portion of the ornamnet sales is donated to Habitat for Humanity. We raised $500 last year, selling nearly 100 ornaments! With more artists participating this year I know we'll raise even more!

With the recent purchace of "Emmaline", a beautiful Singer Featherweight from the 40's, I'm now drawn to anything resembling the look of these beautiful old machines! I found the cutest buttons and just HAD to do something with them!

I've put a number of these pillows, some not shown above, in My Etsy Shop! Please feel free to have a look at the others I've made! At 4.5 in. x 3.5 in. they make wonderful little gifts, great decorations on presents and are fun to just decorate any little spot with!

Work on another 'project' (to be posted in the near future) took me to a quilt shop last weekend. While standing at the cutting table waiting for my pretty fabrics to be cut, my eye, already filled with beautiful, colorful eye candy, spotted a sign. It said

"She who dies with the most fabric isn't sewing fast enough!"

So that's the problem!!! That's why my mohair inventory keeps growing, not shrinking. And my quilt fabric stash... well, I won't even go there! I started thinking about all the unmade quilts and teddy bears that haven't been brought to life.... all just lay in waiting, still in yardage in my closets. That actually made me feel a little guilty! I better get sewing faster!!!

So, without further ramblings....... I'm off! To create! To sew! And sew fast!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feelin' Springy!

As the last big piles of snow melt away the bears are coming out to play! And not just any ol' bears... spring bears in their beautiful spring colors!! Let me introduce you to Christian and Rosalie!



Both of these bears are 17 inches tall and made of super soft kid mohair! They are both hoping to find new homes so they can celebrate Spring with their new families! They are available for immediate adoption on my website.

I've also listed a 13 inch bunny for adoption. His name is "Cotton Candy" and I think you'll see why! Won't you stop by and visit him on my website? I'm working on some new little bunnies which I'll have ready for adoption in the next couple of days, too.

Then I must get to work on a special purple bear for a collector in Singapore. I've hand-dyed some long pile, dense, Schulte kid mohair in the most delicious shade of purple. In fact, that's what I've used as the background here on my blog! I can't wait to see a bear all made up from it!!! I think I'll have enough left over to do a little bear, too!

I just LOVE the colors of spring!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Plans...

As you may know, I'm a teddy bear show promoter. "Promoter" sounds like an understatement! I'm more like a wedding planner for bear artists, a marketing director, graphic design specialist, travel agent, menu planner, sales director, administrative assistant, mail room gal and bill collector all in one!!! (I could do without the last title but unfortunately someone has to do it!)

Whew! No wonder I take a lot of naps!!!

This year I'm planning two events:
The Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show - July 11, 2009 - Wells Beach, ME
The Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show - October 24, 2009 - Schaumburg, IL

This will be the 4th year for the Maine show and each year it gets easier and easier though I do keep it fresh with new artists and new features. This year we'll offer collectors The Artist Showcase featuring one of a kind pieces by our talented artists made especially for purchase at the show. The theme this year will be "Fun in the Sun". We'll also continue a new tradition we started last year with the Ornaments for Giving Tree. The sale of the handmade ornaments will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Portland, ME.

The Chicagoland show is making it's debut this year! There used to be a long running bear show in Schaumburg until it's promoters retired last year. Together with friend and fellow bear artist Laura Matthews we're going to create a brand new event for Chicago area collectors. We are having so much fun planning the show and are incredibly appreciative of the support we've received from artists, collectors, suppliers and the magazines!!! It's such a blessing to be part of such a wonderful bunch of kind-hearted people!!! It makes wearing so many hats worth the 'hat head' look!

As time goes on I'll share more info with you about plans for the Chicago/Schaumburg show! However, I encourage you to visit the official show website at and check out the list of participating artists! You might be interested in Tami Eveslage's workshop or in joining us for a buffet dinner and silent auction after the show too! It's all there!

If you are interested in attending the Maine show and would like a postcard with an admission discount offer please email me with your snail mail address! Artists: there are still tables left at this show! Download an application and mail it in today!

Well, I must get back to designing our next ad for Teddy Bear & Friends magazine!!! Deadlines... deadlines.... deadlines.... hat-head....hat-head... hat-head.......

And I wouldn't trade what I do for anything!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teddy Sweaters.....

My Dad has been a busy bee knitting sweaters for teddy bears so they'll stay warm while they wait for the long, snowy New England winter to end!

Yes, my DAD! He's also a great seamster, he can repair a furnace, build shelving, change the oil in the car and was a computer software developer throughout his professional career, traveling all over the world! He's had some serious health problems in recent years which have forced him to stop working and have really slowed him down. Because he loves to do things with his hands he began knitting.... a skill he learned from his grandmother as a young boy! Would she be proud of what he's done with those skills!!

In addition to teddy-bear-sized sweaters he's made sized-for-humans purses and shoulder bags in some gorgeous spring colors!!

I invite you to visit my Etsy shop to see all of his latest designs!!! I just added new inventory today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's in a name?

Naming a bear is sometimes the easiest part of the bear making process! Often the bear tells me his name just as soon as his eyes are set. "I'm Benjamin" he'll say!

Other times he'll be completely finished and just have a blank stare that says "I'm cute, but I'm not sure who I am. I'm waiting for you to tell me."

I tend to write down names, sometimes just words, that would be great bear names. Sometimes I pick a theme like names of spices, trees or poets. Other times I'll go through a book of baby names, the Bible or pick a state and look at names of towns. Usually a name will jump out that says "This is the one!"

Well, that hasn't happened yet for this bear. The names I think fit him are ones I've used already and I try real hard not to repeat a name. I'm at a loss.

How important is a bear's name? Does it make a difference to collectors if his name is Egor or Snuggles? Will someone fall in love with that face then look at his name and say "Raddish?" No way!"?

This guy just needs a name! I have until the end of March to figure it out as he'll be going to the Spring Teddies Show in Timonium, MD then in hopes of finding a new home. But the poor guy can't go nameless!!! Do YOU have any suggestions?

**Update: His name is Pippen! Thank you for the suggestions! Tami Eveslage offered the winning name!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

6 Random Things about Myself....

My beary dear friend Chrissi of CatherWoods has taggeed me. I'm to list 6 random things about myself. Hmm.... most of you who read my blog already know me pretty good so I've got to come up with some really unique things......hmmm.....ummmm....hmmmm.....

#1 When I was about 8 I wanted glasses so pretended I couldn't see the chalkboard at school.... mom carted me off to the eye doctor who said I wouldn't need glasses until I was 40! Well, I'm almost 39 and although I'm finding my arms could stand to be a few inches longer when reading I'm still glasses-free!!! My opthamologist gave me an RX for glasses last year, I filled it, wore those things for about 3 days, felt like I had tunnel vision and took 'em back!!! It's going to be a major adjustment when I really, really have to wear them or be blind but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

#2 I've worked more than 30 different jobs in the last 24 years. But I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!! Guess that's why I still play with teddy bears?

#3 I still have my roller skates from middle school when the roller rink was my second home! I can't possibly get my feet into them now nor have I in at least 25 years.... yet they've moved with me from apartment to apartment, house to house, marriage to marriage... and I won't part with them. I need help!
#4 I like my waffles with peanut butter on them... not syrup.... peanut butter.

#5 When in my early 20s I directed the children's choir at my church and assisted with the high school youth group. We also did a lot of mission work in New York City. I celebrated my 21st birthday in Jamaica..... not at a beachside bar as many who finally reached the legal drinking age would do.... but rather in the hills outside of Kingston as a missionary rebuilding a church and teaching vacation bible school to the sweetest and most eager young native children. It was an amazing experience!

#6 I dream of having a 65 Mustang.... robins egg blue.... convertible.... or perhaps an old '50 Chevy pick up... fully restored of course.... also blue....

So now I'm to tag 6 friends, and ask them to share 6 random things about themselves. So I'm tagging Melanie of Melbear's Quality Collectibles, Shantell of Apple Dumpling Designs , Catherine of Bumpkin Bears, Melanie of Bear Treasures, Marlys of Waggle Bears and Tammy of Beckoning Bears.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Real Thing

In teddy bear land we often guage how "good" a handmade teddy bear is by whether or not it has the "Awwwwww Factor".
I think God wins this one "paws" down.... these sweet little black bear cubs have more Awwww Factor to them then any other bear I've seen! Just look at those feet and those nails!!! And their cute little noses!!! Awwwwww! :)
These cubs reside in the state of Maine and are just fine, simply being studied by the Maine Fish & Game Department. They keep track of the black bear population, health, etc. and its easier to sedate mom and handle cubs in the winter when they are hibernating.

Wouldn't you just love to snuggle them??? Until they give you a playful whap on the face with those paws that is!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Bears of 2009 Now Available!

I have finally finished my first two bears of '09 and they are ready to bring some love into your heart in time for Valentine's Day! "Peanut" is a little guy made from a well loved pattern. "Woodruff" is the prototype for a new design I'm working on. Both are available for immediate purchase on my website.

Update: Woodruff has been adopted!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Works of Heart

I was humbled, honored and completely surprised this morning to find I've been awarded another blog award! This one is very special and comes from Bettina Groh of Glass Dragon Bears "for her work in keeping the bear show alive in Maine and now in Illinois!"

It is so nice to be recognized, by someone I have never had contact with before, for my efforts to provide bear lovers with fresh and exciting shows to participate in and attend!!! As an artist and collector I have a very personal interest in seeing high quality shows continue and am pleased to know that others appreciate my hard work! Thank you, Bettina, for thinking of me!

I am going to pass this special award on to a very dear friend of mine who shares her heart with so many in the adorable bears she makes, and is also working with me to create the Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show. Laura Matthews of Teddies by Laura Lynn is not only a fabulous teddy bear artist, committed to keeping the bear industry alive, but she's also an amazing friend who has made such a difference in my life! You deserve a public thank you and award, Laura!!

I'd also like to pass this award on to Paula Carter of All Bear. She has given her time and energy to create a site of top bear artist blogs which has brought so many of us together and given us a sense of community and belonging as bear bloggers! Thank you, Paula!
I just loooove being a part of such a wonderful group of people!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Snow Day in New England!!
I think most of New England is having a snow day today! Here in NH we're forecasted for up to 20" of snow! Though many are complaining I'm thrilled at the idea of having an excuse to cancel appointments and stay at home! I have so much to do.... putting away the remainder of the Christmas decorations, getting out the Valentine's Day ones.... laundry and ironing... plowing through the mound of papers on my desk... looking through the new spring catalogs that have come in the mail.... and OH YEAH, bear making!! How could I forget that one! ;) I now have two almost finished (I know, I know, why not just finish one, Daph!!??) And I cut out two elephants last night. I'm excited about those!

Plans for the Maine Teddy Bear & Fiber Arts Show and the Chicagoland Teddy Bear Show are well under way and I'm so pleased at the number of talented artists who are sending their applications in!! I've just posted a list of artists who will be participating in the Chicagoland show in October. More will be added as the app. deadline isn't 'til the end of March. If you are a bear collector I think there will be a lot of artists on there you know! If you are an artist and your name isn't there why not consider joining us??
Time to get started on my Snow Day!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you!

I was shocked and honored to learn that a beary sweet friend, Sue of Fenbeary Folk, gave me a blog award!!! What a great way to kick off my new blog and encourage me to stick with it!!! Here is my award:

"The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in proximity in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends .They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these awards are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give your kind attention to these writers! Deliver this award to 8 bloggers who will choose 8 more, and include this cleverly written text in to the body of the award."

There are 8 bloggers who I would like to give this lovely award to. Please see for yourself what lovely people (and blogs) they are:

Whispering Poppies
Apple Dumpling Diaries
Q.D. Patooties
La De Da' Rose Garden
Boot Button Bears
Inside My Studio

Friday, January 23, 2009

I did it!

After another very late night last night I have redesigned my blog so it is viewer friendly no matter your screen resolution or size. I've kept it simple... no more playing with graphics! And I figured out how to add a third column! (Happy dance!) I'm a bit proud of myself as my html coding skills are zilch but I some how managed to muddle my way through a bit of it with the help of an online tutorial. Phew!!! Thank you to my dear friend Laura Matthews for trouble shooting with me!

So, now on to the rest of life! I have a bear to finish today... my first of 2009! I'll share a photo of him just as soon as he's done. I'm playing with new pattern designs and never make a 'prototype' out of muslin or some other cheap fabric, I go right for the most expensive mohair I've got! So keep your fingers crossed he comes out OK!!
Think I'll take a quick nap first! I'm getting too old for late nights!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I think I can! I think I can!

I've tweaked and I've tweaked but it still isn't quite right. Some folks are seeing this page with the left side/tags cut off, or the right side, or both. And I don't know how to fix it. Sigh... should have just used one of those cute backgrounds on The Cutest Blog on the Block's website! Instead I followed the instructions on their Blog Secrets page for making my own... except for the uploading it to photobucket at 2 megapixels as I couldn't figure out how to do it at any bigger than 1 megapixel which makes the image too small. So this background is hosted on my own website.

Yeah... OK, techno stuff you don't care about. But if someone is reading this who DOES know what I'm talking about and can help PLEASE tell me!

So anyway, seeing the cover of The Little Engine That Could reminded me of my favorite books when I was a kid. Goodnight Moon, The Pokey Little Puppy and Corduroy were my absolute favoirtes. And I had my mother's Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Book which I read from every night before bed. What were your favorite children's books? Did any of them have an impact on your adult life? For me that Little Engine's mantra is one that still helps me get through challenging tasks!

What ever your day my bring: YOU CAN!!! And if you have doubts, go hug a teddy for some reassurance and feel good-ness!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can do this!

Over a year ago I started a blog.... I made a few posts... hated the format and look of the thing... couldn't think of anything you all would want to read about... and eventually lost all interest!

But I've been feeling left out... everyone else has a blog it seems! I love reading them! And I love to keep in touch with everyone though individual emails is very time consuming! So I'm back... and I've been having fun playing in Paint Shop Pro to design my own background! So now that I have it sort of looking the way I want it's time to move on to coming up with fun and interesting content!

I'll be back just as soon as I think of some! Don't abandon me just yet! Please come back again tomorrow!

Thank you for your love and patience!