Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Greatest Reward

In a phone interview today I was asked what I enjoyed most about producing teddy bear shows. Why, the end result of course! Here was my answer:

"The greatest reward in producing teddy bear and cloth doll shows is the joyful atmosphere that fills the venue on show day. Artists and collectors have the opportunity to share their passion, exchange hugs and laughter, catch up with old friends and create new ones. The sea of color, texture, shape and style creates a captivating scene. Our giddy inner child comes out as we gaze into the loving, knowing eyes of a bear or hold a doll with a sparkle in her eyes! Amazement, wonder, giggles and love fill the air and become contagious. Next to Disney World, I can’t think of a more magical and imaginative place to be than a teddy bear show!"

I hope that you will take the time to attend a teddy bear show this year, especially if you have never been to one! If dolls or quilts or crafts in general are more your cup of tea then by all means, seek out an arts and crafts show to your liking and go!!!

In a world that's become so focused on technology and gadgets I'm finding more and more people are yearning for a bit of the "old world".... human interaction, things made with love, talent and imagination by human hands. Sure, we can buy handmade items on the internet, most artists have websites in this day and age and Etsy is a fantastic place to find handmade items of all sorts! But there's something about being in a room full of other people with similar interests and being able to see and touch these works of art that can't be replaced by even the highest level of technology!

So, go, pick up the local paper, see what's happening in your corner of the world and treat your self! Grab a friend and a latte and GO!!

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