Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Give Away coming!!!

Shhh....... it's a surprise!

I'm going to host my very first Blog Give Away!

Wait 'til you see the cutie one lucky blog reader will win!

Announcement to come Tuesday, May 26th!


my little annies said...

I can't wait to see!! I love your bears!!!


Laura Lynn said...

Oh what fun!!!!!

Temiru said...

Oh! Where is the fine Tuesday ?!?


Gail said...

Hi Daphne
I too started to make Raggedy Ann dolls about 5 mos ago and find them to be a welcome relief from teddy bears for a change

Daphne Towle said...

Gail..... Hancock? Is that you? Are you bringing those annies to the Maine show with you by chance?????!!!