Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Real Thing

In teddy bear land we often guage how "good" a handmade teddy bear is by whether or not it has the "Awwwwww Factor".
I think God wins this one "paws" down.... these sweet little black bear cubs have more Awwww Factor to them then any other bear I've seen! Just look at those feet and those nails!!! And their cute little noses!!! Awwwwww! :)
These cubs reside in the state of Maine and are just fine, simply being studied by the Maine Fish & Game Department. They keep track of the black bear population, health, etc. and its easier to sedate mom and handle cubs in the winter when they are hibernating.

Wouldn't you just love to snuggle them??? Until they give you a playful whap on the face with those paws that is!!!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

They're smiling! =)))) How sweet are they???

FenBeary Folk said...

Just toooo cute for words xx

Chrissi said...

I love their little feets! I think I'm going to try to capture those feets on my next bear :)

PS...I've tagged you! check out my last post for details on how to play, if you want to! I'm a tag without obligation kinda gal :)

bensonbear said...

Daphne, they are absolutely gorgeous, if only I could capture THAT! xxxxxx Think I will have to come back and have a real good look at these, for a future bear :)